Value Investing in Chinese Stocks
Beating the Hang Seng Index
Investing in Chinese Stocks and My Own Portfolio Performance

This is a website with information on investing in Chinese and Hong Kong stocks. It is also about my own long term performance in doing so.

What I do:
I buy stocks of good Chinese and Hong Kong companies at below their value and sell them when they reach fair value or above. A subscription to my eNewsletter provides the opportunity for investors to follows my portfolio transactions and duplicate my performance

You will note that I have emphasized my performance in relation to the Hang Seng Index. I think that is even more important than overall return as a measure of investment success. For more on that see the page on Measuring Performance in this website.

For information on my procedures for value investing in Chinese stocks go to What I do, and don't do or click on the MENU link below.

Cole Pavey


A Chinese Stock Portfolio that Works